Need a new component?
We can help

From Hard Drives to Case Fans, we've got it all. With our expertise, you're machine will be running better and faster in no time.

Why should you let us upgrade your machine? At DT Computer Sales & Service, we pride ourselves on knowing that we provide unmatched quality and service within our community.

How do you know if you should upgrade? If your machine is running slow, even though there's nothing running, then there's a chance it's time for an upgrade. Want to be able to record your screen or maybe get into streaming on websites like Twitch or Mixer? With our abiltity to handle upgrades, you'll be ready to stream like there's no tomorrow!

Examples of upgrades

Full Custom Builds
The team at DT Computer Sales & Service can put together Custom builds, allowing you to have the control you want for your machine.

Hard Drives/Storage
We can upgrade your Hard Drive from a HDD to an SSD with ease, making your life faster and easier.

Graphics Cards
Taking your gameplay to the next level is a breeze for our team.

Operating Systems
Stuck on an outdated/no longer supported Operating System? Allow us to keep you up to date by upgrading your machine's OS fast and easily.

We can give you that extra boost you might be looking for in your machine's performance. By upgrading your memory, you can do more multi-tasking, have more browser tabs open, and take your gaming to the next level.

Keeping your machine cool is a must. Functioning at extreme temperatures can limit the lifetime of your device, and make your life more difficult.